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5 Ways to Transform a Room w/ Wall Art

Posted on April 24 2018

5 Ways to Transform a Room with Wall Art - ADzif


Whether you want to bring a fresh look to your room or give it a completely different design scheme, wall art can play a pivotal role in your redesign efforts. If you take time to plan ahead, and you obtain the proper materials and tools, updating the look of your wall can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change a room.

adhesive easy-to-apply wallpaper, wall art, wall decor

 What are some other reasons to make wall art a central part of your room redesign? With adhesive murals, easy-to-apply wallpaper and canvas pictures that you can hang yourself, this is a do-it-yourself project. Yes, you will have to make certain that you have quality decor products that are going to last, but you will not have to invest in hiring a contractor and have your home turned into a work zone for days or weeks. Wall art is easy to apply, and it will not leave behind a mess like paint, new drywall or other structural improvements that produce dust, stains, bad odors, and noise.

Also, quality companies will have different products that you can use to create your own personalized designs. You are free to be as creative as you want to be. If you make your purchases from a company with a wide range of products, then your options and the combination of design elements are almost limitless.

The first step in your DIY wall-art-based room redesign is to come up with a plan. Here are five options for transforming a room with wall art.



high-quality adhesive wallpaper, wall art, wall decor

Wallpaper is NOT the difficult decoration medium that it once was. Gone are the days of using paste to hang wallpaper. Now, high-quality adhesive paper is easy to apply. The best options are smaller squares (such as 2’ x 4’), which are easy to manage and will not require much cutting. Quality adhesive wallpaper can be removed and reapplied elsewhere. This is good for correcting alignments, but it can also be perfect for repeated redecoration. Perhaps you want to change the wall art with the season, or you just want the flexibility to change your color scheme easily. This kind of quick and easy change is not possible with paint or with standard one-stick wallpaper, but it is a breeze with reusable adhesive wallpapers. 

Another advantage of opting for smaller wallpaper panels like a 2’ x 4’ is that you can easily mix styles and create your own unique look without having to cut and glue and do an excessive amount of measuring.



adhesive decorative mural, wall art, wall decor

Perhaps you would prefer something a bit more art-oriented. Murals can make your room feel brand new. Yes, you could hire an artist or hand a paintbrush to the most creative family-member and tell them to decorate a wall, but it might be a better option to opt for an adhesive mural that you can stick on the wall easily and remove just as quickly. With a stick-and-restick adhesive mural, you can be free to move the picture around the room or replace it with another mural that fits the season or changes the atmosphere in the room.



wide canvas prints, wall art, wall decor

Wide canvas prints can give your design a more-classic feel. If you are going for authenticity and a more-artistic feel, wide canvas images could be the best option. If you have a wall art dealer with a wide range of prints, you can surely find a frameless wide canvas picture that will fit your design scheme perfectly. Better yet, you can get multiple pictures and switch and mix them to quickly change the feel of the room.

If you are able to hang high-quality images made by professional artists, the images can be a perfect conversation starter. For this reason, canvas prints are ideal for hanging in rooms where you often entertain guests (a living room or dining room, for example).


Wall sculptures and mirrors

Wall sculptures and mirrors can give your decoration scheme a three-dimensional look. Mirrors, for example, can have a practical appeal (you can see yourself in them), but they can also make a room seem larger and, if they are placed strategically, brighter. Wall sculptures might bring to mind classical decor that you might see in an historic hotel, museum or Gilded Age building. Or it could just be a whimsical addition that gives your decor an added dimension and gives you another design element to play.

Both wall sculptures and mirrors can be mixed with other types of wall art to create a custom look. The advantage of these products is that they won’t clash with wallpaper or murals, but will instead stand apart from them.


Wall library

Wall shelving can accomplish two things. It can be a practical place to keep books or to display other items in an out-of-the-way manner. A wall library can give your room a sophisticated look that can enhance or compliment the other types of wall art that you have chosen. Also, what you choose to store in the wall library can be part of the design plan. If you choose books, the different titles can act as conversation starters. You can also mix the books with other items that you might want to display (antiques, small works of art, framed photos, etc).

wall art products, mural to decorate your walls, wall decor

These wall art ideas can give you a starting point as you get creative and design your own wall art display to reinvigorate your favorite room and make it seem fresh and new to you and to your guests.

Just make sure that you find a quality source for your wall art products and that the dealer has a lot of different options so that you can get new ideas and inspiration and find something that fits perfectly with your design plans.


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